Addison Rae has a MAKEUP LINE… WHY?! Item Beauty BRUTALLY Honest Review

hey guys!!! whos ready for a brutally honest review of addison raes new makeup line?! so recently she launched item beauty and I went out and bought 1 of everything so I can give this review a real shot!! ps im a huge fan of addisons but that will never deter me from being real and honest about what I think of a product or brand! again these are just my opinions, were all allowed to have them 😀 love you!!!

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  • YOU GUYS! it’s a bronzer and contour duo oh my god HAHAHAHAHA it looks like blush to me!!! i’m dead

  • It’s all on Sephora for the Canadians out there

  • She is just a tiktoker and why does she think she can sell makeup when she doesn’t know basic shit , no offence

  • I love your sun sweater ☀️

  • she scrunched her nose a couple times and danced, she got a makeup line, a movie and a song too.

  • Sooo did she actually "make/develope" products or did she just go thru the list of products they already had and make it part of her collection? Just curious bc I tried that exact mascara over a year ago 🤷🏼‍♀️😆

  • Honestly the only thing I actually love and use on a daily basis is her lip quip.

  • These products are the worst , even worse when you get it in your ispy bag ! Ugh

  • She's the new Liza koshy.

  • I love that Manny is trying to be nice about it but it’s obviously hard lol I love that he is not trying to be rude but also be truthful he’s really reaching for compliments love Manny!

  • I’ve never seen her before🤯 but I’m here because I love you and your amazing attitude

  • Dessert has 2 s’s because you always want more

  • Addison is smart because she know her young fans will buy everything. Only the adults know that she is too overrated

  • Desert v dessert.. you want two helpingS of dessert, not desert. (Two S’s)

  • Dessert and desert use to get me until someone told me a clever trick. They said, you always want seconds of dessert. And ever since, it just clicked.

  • I got the item beauty cheek stuff in an ipsy bag and there was almost no pigment to it at all. ☠️

  • Everyone is hating on the makeup line bc is Addison, but she is the co-founder, more like the face of the brand

  • I just got a new lip oil from her and it smells so bad😭

  • I just wanna say you always make my day ☺️

  • Someone’s probably already commented this but how I remember “desert” and “dessert” when reading them is everyone always wants more “dessert” double ‘s’ meaning more. Anyway… I know the struggle well and thought this may help 🤣 love you Manny. This one of the funniest reviews ever, I’m obvi super late to the party watching this but still. The hair boing and casual bey and jayz moment was everything what the heck 🤣🤣🤣

  • I’ll never understand why people are so happy to slap their name on anything 😅 Shes clearly not gonna use this lmao

  • This is an in house brand by Ipsy, they just use this chick as the face bc they want to hide the connection. The worst part is that they’re creating products and marketing them informed by using the data gained from the 4 mil+ subscribers that they ask to fill out a detailed beauty quiz “to personalize” what they each receive in their subscription. Super suspect. Really troubling.
    You see the obvious red flags when it’s not only random for this young tik tok star unattached to the beauty world to “have” a makeup brand, and there’s no retailers for the makeup, but they also released an entire face worth of products at once and continue putting out products with no rhyme or reason. It was clearly created to be a filler item for Ipsy bags and one which they can make for dirt cheap and set an arbitrary value on (not sure how you can have a retail value when there’s no retailers?…) And now, unsurprisingly, they send out Item beauty in almost everyone’s bag almost every month. I’m not angry with in house brands, just angry when they go to such lengths to try to hide the affiliation and also to pander to their target consumers using data they mined from them suspiciously.
    The products look so bad, no offense- bc they’re crappy and they look bad on everyone. Ipsy has two other in house brands as well. Complex Culture makes decent brushes but then they randomly came out with makeup and… NO, just no…. The fact that they even try to hide the connection with Ipsy from influencers/ppl doing business with them like Manny is pretty screwed up too. It’s all suspect. Pretty problematic to use their customers’ data to inform brand creation (I’m sure something is hidden deep in terms of use allowing it 🙄) but worst is that the products SUCK SO MUCH even with all that data at their disposal.
    Now they’re pulling in Boxycharm to create a monopoly and truly worrisome is all the data they have, and what they’re planning to do with it. Most consumers turn a blind eye but Ipsy and their brand incubator Made By need to be honest and upfront with some of it or the greed will be their downfall bc millennials and gen z dont like to be lied to.

  • To remember dessert (Strawberry Shortcake) and desert (sand) that is how I remember lol

  • No bad feelings as I type this but…item beauty sounds like a 75 cent, cheap name. Like no effort put into it at all. But whatev, go off 😗🤷‍♀️😗

  • I do not like Addison at all

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