How to Launch a Makeup Brand and Sell Online: The Ultimate Guide

You don’t need to be a big beauty company to sell makeup online. This video is for makeup lovers that are really in it, and want to make their business work.

Is there really room for another BB cream? Another matte lipstick? How do you, a budding makeup brand founder, get your products to stand out in a crowded market? How does a new mascara get visibility among the literal thousands?

Luckily, ecommerce solutions and access to manufacturing resources have democratized beauty in the past decade, opening up an industry once dominated by a few massive brands. And, surprisingly, there’s still room. Trends and niche markets spring up almost daily, ready for the taking. Those with the ability to go quick to market (we’ll tell you how), can jump on these trends and fill gaps in the industry.

Here, we’ll take you through how to launch a makeup brand, with expert advice and real examples from successful beauty brands.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:51 Figure Out What You’re Going to Sell
03:26 Finding Niche Markets
03:59 Make Manufacture, White Label, or Resell?
13:57 Managing Inventory
14:48 Setting Up Your Online Store
16:44 Shopify Apps for Makeup Stores
17:25 Choosing a Theme for Your Makeup Store
17:55 Marketing Your Makeup Line
22:09 How Much Does it Cost to Start a Makeup Line?

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► How to Launch a Makeup Brand and Sell Online: The Ultimate Guide
► FDA Regulations for Small Business and Homemade Makeup Manufacturing
► Find Recipes and formulas
► The Beauty Lab For Entrepreneurs
► A Cosmetic Chemist (Canada Only)
► How to Make Lip Balm at Home
► List of Cosmetics Manufacturers in the United States
► Your end-to-end manufacturing process – all in one place
► FDA Cosmetic Regulations
► Canada Cosmetic Regulations
► UK Cosmetic Regulations

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