Makeup Brands That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Makeup ranges in price from incredibly cheap to outlandishly expensive, and you’ve probably wondered if the most expensive brands are really that much better than the more affordable ones. Ultimately, it depends on the brand, as some luxury makeup brands will have you paying for the name on the label and nothing else, while others are worth the money if you can afford to spend a little bit more.

If you’re wondering which brands you should splurge on and want to know which specific products to buy from each, take a look at these makeup brands that are actually worth your money.

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Charlotte Tilbury | 0:00
Giorgio Armani | 1:09
Cle de Peau Beaute | 1:52
MAC Cosmetics | 2:57
La Mer | 3:48
Urban Decay | 5:03
Face Atelier | 5:59
Honest Beauty | 6:42
ALLEVEN | 7:26
Dior | 8:12
Chanel | 9:01
Surratt Beauty | 9:51
Benefit Cosmetics | 10:50
Fenty Beauty | 11:40

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